You too can get in on this genre-defining work that all the cool kids are calling ‘Social Jazz-Cookery Comics’.

If you are not keen on this digital pdf comics lark or simply want to show your support for the dying lumbering beast that is print media, you can buy a REAL version for a reasonable price by clicking the handy button below. If you ask kindly, I’m sure I can doodle a doodle in the cover for you as well! You don’t get that with a pdf, do you?

£2.75 for the book, £1.25 for postage!

I’ve been meaning to draw this up for some time. It is taken from my twitter feed when I conducted a ‘cook along with dan’ session. It was a lot of fun to do, and a lot of fun to draw. You can download the whole thing as a pdf here. Enjoy!