Well, over the weekend, I changed my mind about the way I’d started drawing Lasagne. Happily, I was only a page or so into it when I decided I needed to loosen up a touch. I’ve been drawing this way in my sketchbook a lot recently - I think my visit to Angouleme and working with some really fantastic artists there has helped a great deal.

I have been drawing with a Palomino Blackwing, the pen of pencils and laying a colourful inky wash on top. I have forsaken my pencil sharpener in favour of using a knife to sharpen it. There isn’t much that is nicer than an irregularly sharpened stumpy pencil. You get a nice spontaneous line from it.

I was initially infuriated by the Daler Rowney paper I was using - it is really absorbent, but I have grown to accept the blotchy bled-out look I get from it.

The process this time has been really quick - about a page an hour or so. I’m working from the original posts and conversations on twitter, so I’ve had to edit the order of dialogue somewhat so that it makes more sense. Onion Soup is a bit more chaotic than this one. It is difficult to condense specific conversations into a sequence that doesn’t distract too much from the main flow of the story, but I’m happy with the way that it is coming together.

Over the weekend I drew up 12 pages, which means I’m perhaps a third of the way through. A big push this week means it should be finished and printed in time for the SPEXPO in Goldsmiths on the 12th.