Here are some more work in progress shots of Lasagne. I’m up to 16 pages now, getting into the swing of it. The Palominos are excellent drawing pencils, their tagline in a previous incarnation ‘half the pressure, twice the speed’ really holds true. The line is very black, but also difficult to erase, but it is relatively smudge free, even with my big sweaty mitts.

The paper is really starting to bug me now, I’ll probably not use the Daler Rowney stuff again. It is far too absorbent for my liking.

I like the nice predictable way that Seawhite of Brighton paper reacts to the ink washes I’m using. Ah well, live and learn.

I think I have about another 20 or so pages left to draw to meet my print deadline at the weekend, but as you can tell from the images, they aren’t that complicated to draw or colour, but they can be problematic to scan.

The pencil line, although lovely and black is still a bit reflective when it comes to scanning it. I could do with an assistant I think!