Here are some drawing I did this morning. In chronological order;

Firstly, an image of me wearing a cape and glitter-shoes. I own neither of these items, but I thought it’d be fun to draw me wearing them. I don’t even know if glitter-shoes are a thing.

Next up is a few turns at my Shorpy game; go to the Shorpy site, pick a photo and draw it. Great fun.

More shorpy; I’ve found that it isn’t bikes that are difficult to draw, it is spokes. Trying to draw all the spokes is like trying to draw all the teeth in someone’s mouth - a surefire way to make your drawing look CRAZY.

This was an amazing photograph, but I should have put more detail into it. “What’s that?” my wife asked “Is that a bed?!” I assure both you and my wife that it is CLEARLY a wall by the seaside.

Uncharacteristically, I drew the background into this one. It is a great photograph that I’m drawing from and I don’t really do it justice at all.

Well that’s that then.