Martin and myself had a sit down with Tim and Simon a long time ago to tell them that their website wasn’t maximising synergy or doing any vertical integration. To be fair, it still isn’t as we haven’t finished making them a new website that is web 3.0 enabled, social networking and facebook likes. Or something.

Martin has been doing all the clever code and design work, and I had been twiddling my thumbs, reclining and eating grapes instead of doing a load of drawing until last night when we had a meeting to imagineer a strategy for success.

Tim and Simon’s podcast is currently featured on iTunes’ New and Noteworthy, as well it should. You should go and subscribe now, they are very funny chaps indeed.

The website promises to be a corker too, with all my drawings integrated vertically with maximum synergy. Here are a couple of drawings from yesterday. The drawings are all ink on paper.