Well this has been a pretty busy week.

First things first. Tim & Simon (Remember - I did artwork last year for their BrainSpill podcast, Simon is my brother etc.) have emerged butterfly-like and triumphant from their cocoon of solitary toil with a brand new and very funny podcast - Mentor! Go and subscribe on iTunes here.

I had a lot of fun drawing the guys as these mentor characters.

Also with Tim & Simon, they are working with me on an adaptation of my cooking comics. Over the summer we are working with animation students from the North Wales School of Art & Design (where I teach comics), EESI in Angouleme and UArts in Philadelphia on an animated version of the Lasagne story. If everything goes to plan it should be a lot of fun. We have some VERY daft jokes in there.

I’m a little behind schedule with The Suitcase after being in hospital and then getting ill, but I think I’m catching up now. Here’s a blurry little sneak look at yesterday’s drawing;

Finally, Nelson, the book I worked on last summer has been nominated for an Eisner Award! I can’t take much (if any) credit for this though, this is down to the hard work put in by Rob Davis, Woodrow Phoenix and all of the other artists involved. Please go and vote for it. Hooray!