I decided a while ago to start a tumblr blog ‘Best at Sci Fi’. I love science fiction book jackets. To me they are all the way up there with video game box art for the Atari 2600.

My good buddy Joe List described to me the cover of the book he was reading like so;

A large space ship is travelling (from left to right) slowly across an orange planet with an orange sky. The orange sky is full of dark brown clouds. Upon reaching the horizon the orange becomes a yellow, which then turns back into an orange dirty ground, possibly sand.

The ship has a large engine section and an equally large nose section. Around it fly 3 smaller ships to the right, and one other small ship towards the right. They are like rocket ships from the movies, blue with red flourishes.

There are some very small ships (possibly in the distance) on both the left and the right. three on the left and two on the right. All the small ships are leaving trails, like vapor trails, but something more *spacey*

Just to the right of the centre towards the bottom, kneels a man. He is wearing a red leather onesie. It has a large collar and blue knee and arms. He is wearing large red leather bloves, which cover his entire forearms leading to a point on his elbow. The large collar surrounds his bald head. His head is mostly normal except for the main bald dome, which is around twice the size of a normal dome. The man is bent over to the right both hands gripping either ear. His facial expression is one of a human undertaking incredible pain. furrowed brow, teeth clenched nose holes wider than a human with a relaxed look.

The text is centered at the top of the book. It is:

small white text on the first line,
then big black text on the authors name,
then small white text noting the authors main prize,
then large black text noting the name of the book, this runs over two lines.

Towards the bottom left written along the spine of the book are some small numbers.

So I drew this;


The original is below. I think I did ok on this one.