So at this weekend’s Thought Bubble festival in Leeds I’ll be sharing a table with Joe Decie. If you are somehow unaware of Joe’s work, you must go and check it out immediately. He makes some of the funniest comics and I’m looking forward to basking in his reflected glory.

Here’s the floor plan for the New Dock Hall which we are in. I’ve made a handy guide for where to go when you get there. Sadly there won’t be a big red arrow leading to our table on the day. We lobbied hard for the big red arrow but the “organisers” said it was “definitely not going to happen” and that we should “shut our stupid faces” so you’ll have to print this image out and use your wonderful imagination to make it to our table. Please remember that should you spend all of your money en route to our table, you’ll have no money to buy our comics, so clutch your coin purse tight against your chest and run directly to our table.

Here’s an “artist’s” representation of what awaits. Treats Galore, I’m sure you’ll agree.

See you there!