I was asked a short while ago by the wonderful Chris Salt if I’d draw some pictures of David Bowie coming up with some new characters to replace Ziggy Stardust with for an animation rendered in lego for Adam Buxton’s David Bowie BUG special at the V&A tonight. Without giving away too much, here’s what I drew;

Cobbler Bob. He’s a cobbler.

Cobbler BobA Mas Deus. Amadeus. You get it.


A Mad Deus

The Groovy Gardener. Of course.Groovy Gardener

Masterchef.Master Chef

Viscount Jizzmark. Say no more.viscount jizzmark

Aladdin Sane.Aladdin Sane


Here’s a photo of the animation by Scott Jones of it being shown at the V&A tonight. I love this!


These guys were a lot of fun to draw. Go and see a Bug live show to see them in situ or wait for a bit until you can see it on youtube or something. I’m sure you all want a Viscount Jizzmark print though. I’m certain that’s what you want!