It’s that time of year again when everyone who likes comics picks up and heads off to Leeds on the 15th & 16th November for the excellent Thought Bubble Festival.

I’ve got a table in the New Dock Hall, number 157 and you can come and say hello, buy some books, have a chat, get a drawing etc.

Here’s what to do. Head straight into the New Dock Hall, towards kind of the middle, then face left.


En route, you might want to check your pockets - where did you put your money? Oh, there it is, safe and sound. Thank Goodness. Hold onto it tight, and get ready for some spendin’.


So as you approach my table, you’ll be able to see me and all my books. If it isn’t me, try a different table until you DO find me. Once you have found me, Hey, why not buy a book or something? Maybe think about all your loved ones who might want a book too. Perhaps you can buy them one of my books! I’ll also have some very exclusive original colour fox drawings available for £15 each. Each of them different, each of them special. They’d like that, your loved ones.


What I’m trying to say is that Thought Bubble is ace - so many great people making so many good comics. Head along and get bewildered by the selection!

I’ll have copies of Nicholas & Edith, The End, Carry Me, Throw Your Keys Away and The Suitcase.