A few months ago I started going to a life drawing session on a Tuesday evening. I really love life drawing. Here’s a chronological look at some of the better (longer) drawings I’ve done. I’ve omitted the vast majority of the drawings I’ve done at life drawing because they are not particularly aesthetically pleasing or accurate warmups and I want to pretend I aced it every time. Most of these took between 10 and 20 minutes, working with a 005 fine liner and some quick watercolours.

lifedrawing 00 lifedrawing 01 lifedrawing 02 lifedrawing 03 lifedrawing 04 lifedrawing 05 lifedrawing 06 lifedrawing 07 lifedrawing 08 lifedrawing 09 lifedrawing 10 lifedrawing 11 lifedrawing 12 lifedrawing 13 lifedrawing 14 lifedrawing 15 lifedrawing 16 lifedrawing 17 lifedrawing 18 lifedrawing 19 lifedrawing 20