This comic was drawn towards the end of 2011. My son Calvin had just been born and I’d spend ages walking around with him singing him this song by The Handsome Family to get him to go to sleep. I figured it might make a good comic/illustrated book so I got in touch with Rennie and Brett and they said go for it. If you aren’t familiar with the song, here’s the band performing it live.Dan_Berry_Grizzly01 Dan_Berry_Grizzly02 Dan_Berry_Grizzly03 Dan_Berry_Grizzly04 Dan_Berry_Grizzly05 Dan_Berry_Grizzly06 Dan_Berry_Grizzly07 Dan_Berry_Grizzly08 Dan_Berry_Grizzly09 Dan_Berry_Grizzly10 Dan_Berry_Grizzly11 Dan_Berry_Grizzly12 Dan_Berry_Grizzly13 Dan_Berry_Grizzly14 Dan_Berry_Grizzly15 Dan_Berry_Grizzly16 Dan_Berry_Grizzly17 Dan_Berry_Grizzly18 Dan_Berry_Grizzly19 Dan_Berry_Grizzly20 Dan_Berry_Grizzly21 Dan_Berry_Grizzly22 Dan_Berry_Grizzly23 Dan_Berry_Grizzly24 Dan_Berry_Grizzly25 Dan_Berry_Grizzly26 Dan_Berry_Grizzly27 Dan_Berry_Grizzly28 Dan_Berry_Grizzly29 Dan_Berry_Grizzly30 Dan_Berry_Grizzly31 Dan_Berry_Grizzly32