Here’s a comic I drew a couple of years ago. I only printed a couple of hundred of these. The cover was a 3 colour screen print and was kind of labour intensive. The first run of 100 books had a gold spot varnish, and the second had a silver. It’s been out of print for ages and it has only just occurred to me to put it online. I wrote and drew this comic shortly after I spent a few days in hospital with a suspected brain haemorrhage. (My brain is fine)


the_end03 the_end04 the_end05 the_end06 the_end07 the_end08 the_end09 the_end10 the_end11 the_end12 the_end13 the_end14 the_end15 the_end16 the_end17 the_end18 the_end19 the_end20 the_end21 the_end22 the_end23 the_end24 the_end25 the_end26 the_end27 the_end28 the_end29