I’ve been working on some exciting things recently, but can’t really show them yet, so here is some commiseration drawings to keep you going.

Joanna here is actually inside the elephant in this retelling of the Jonah and the Whale story. She is very patient. The elephant is unsure about the arrangement.


This dude thinks he has been stood up for his date, and is wondering why she isn’t ringing. He hasn’t noticed that it’s a Super-8 camera and not a cellphone that he is holding!

This guy may be making an appearance in an upcoming project, so I don’t want to say too much about him. I like the colours though.

This is a bit of a rough test for another upcoming project. This is of course a portion of the Catedral Metropolitana in Mexico City. I am trying out slightly different production methods in Photoshop to match the requirements of the print job without sacrificing the looseness of the ink work that I like so much. I think I’ve cracked it though.