These are both available in my shop right now! Go! The first run of After We Shot The Grizzly sold so well and so quickly that I’ve decided to reprint it. While I was largely satisfied with the print quality of the last run, I am DELIGHTED with the quality of this one. It is printed on the finest Italian paper and is squareback bound so it has a spine. It just feels really luxurious.

Cat Island is also available and has had a similarly wonderful print job done of it. These went on sale last night and I’ve been delighted with the response. You can still read the whole thing for free here, but that’s a fleeting glimpse at it through a moving car window. It’s a much better experience in print isn’t it? Ripe Digital did the best job of both these books.

If people are interested, there are original pages for sale from both books, some of the pages from Grizzly are in the shop. I’m still trying to gauge whether people would want the Cat Island pages - let me know what you think.