Continuing the theme of posting up old work, here’s a page I did for the UK Web & Minicomics Thing anthology all the way back in 2010. The theme was dinosaurs and I did this. I moved to a different town in 2007 or so, and started writing a friend back home loads of crazy anonymous letters. They started innocuously enough, but soon escalated to the frankly upsetting. I think the last letter was from the old lady who lived in the building opposite who had been watching them and how happy they were and wanted their help to build a bridge between their two apartments.

This strip was based on a letter I sent from a made up prayer group who had apparently been praying for my friend by mistake. The letter told them that if they miraculously received a pony, that they were not to get rid of it as it was God’s will. Oh we laughed.

This was the first strip I did with these dinosaurs. I started a big story all about them, drew 40-something pages and gradually lost interest. I don’t think these characters were suited to a long story, but it was a good experience anyway.