I watched Prometheus last night and I had some issues with it.

I had a problem with all the user interfaces in the film. The human have a high tech ship with loads of floating yellow screens and voice activated doodahs. It’s a nice flexible UI;


The ‘engineers’ on the other hand (a super advanced race of intergalactic tinkerers) have their UI locked down pretty tight, literally carved in stone sometimes. Shows a real lack of foresight and will (I anticipate) result in expensive and time consuming hardware upgrades.


I didn’t like the robot man one jot.


The film was very enjoyable and looks great, but I get the feeling that nobody asked ‘why?’ at any stage in the production.

I don’t know if anyone else thought this as well, but the alien at the end was pretty much the only reason I watched this film, and it looked like a muppet baby version of the aliens. I think this was a bold move and I can wait to see what adventures that lil tyke gets up to!