This year I was on the committee for the British Comic Awards. I designed the logo, which I’m very proud of, and made the awards (200gsm cold pressed acid free watercolour paper, 3 colour screen print, hand lettering in recessed black frame) which I’m also very proud of. I can’t tell you how many variations in layout, colour, typography, print processes I went through whilst working on this. I really enjoyed it.


Still, I won’t be on the committee next year. I’m stepping down, resigning.

I read Phillippa Rice’s thoughts on the awards and spoken to her about it and I think she makes a good point. I don’t think that creators should be on the committee, especially if people think that they may have biases based on their own work, the publishers they work with and the other creators that they are friends with. So I’m leaving. I hope that the place I vacate on the committee gets filled by someone who can redress the balance between genders, biases and vested interests. If you have suggestions or want to volunteer, get in touch with Adam Cadwell and the committee.

I think next year could be amazing. I can’t wait to see what happens in 2013. If the work produced in the uk next year is anything like it was this year they’ll have a very hard job again of making that short list.