A couple of weeks ago Jim Guthrie asked me if I could make a video for a song from his new album. You may know Jim’s music from the Sword & Sworcery game, Indie Game The Movie or the theme music from Make It Then Tell Everybody. I love Jim’s music so I immediately said yes of course thank you very much and got to work. I finally finished it today. I’ll do a post about the process and share some of the preliminary work in the next few days, but this is pretty much all I’ve done for the last couple of weeks. It’s been difficult to fit it around a full-time teaching job and two young children, but I think I made a good plan at the start and approached this sensibly to get it done on time. Plus it was a joy to work with Jim.

It’s worth clicking through to the youtube page and watching it fullscreen at 1080p if your internet connection is fast enough - there’s a lot going on in this video. Here’s a look at the scale I was drawing everything to get it done on time. I have ‘normal’ sized fingers.