Well this book has been a long time coming. We’ve had technical hitches and suspected brain haemorrhages getting this book here, but it’s finally here! A couple of boxes of advance copies arrived earlier today, so here’s some (I hope) spoilerless photos;

This is the cover. I’m sure you didn’t need me to point that out.

These are the front endpapers. The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice a sneaky Joe List homage in there.

Here’s a spread from the beginning of the book.

And here’s one from the middle of the book.

Here’s a snippet of one from the end. Much more than that and you’d get spoilers I think.

It’s 50 pages of art, and a few pages of boring isbn numbers. Not enough to bludgeon someone senseless with, but thick enough to protect you against a knife attack I’d imagine.

20130410-211551.jpg Clearly a spine.

Here’s a fun sequence.

And here’s the title page into which I will draw you a drawing if you come and buy it from me at a festival or the such. On that note, I’ll have a limited number of copies available at Comiket in London on the 20th April. After that you’ll probably have to wait until the rest of the print run turns up in a few weeks from the blank slate store.