I’ve started working on my next project.

It’s a series of comic adaptations of stories from one of my favourite podcasts, The Memory Palace. Nate Dimeo, who runs The Memory Palace, is a great writer and the stories he tells on the show are sometimes funny, sometimes moving and always endlessly fascinating. I’m delighted to be working on this. It’s a dream job for me.

Here’s a test page I put together to work out how I’ll be colouring it. It’s a mixture of traditional line and wash and digital colour. I want to keep the texture from my line and wash work, but to also make sure I’ve got more control over the colours I’ll be using.

It’s very exciting and there’s a lot of work ahead of me, but I think it’s going to be great.


Here’s a look at an uncoloured panel before I get in with photoshop;


Well, that’s my hat thrown over the wall. Back to work.