I’ve started work on another project that could well be a fairly long one. I don’t want to say too much about it at this point for fear that something will go wrong, but I’m really enjoying the process of just drawing these rough pages. I’m drawing them at about a quarter the size they’ll eventually be drawn at for the final page. It makes it easier to draw them quickly and get an idea of how the whole story flows together.

A few people have asked about the grid that I do my roughs on. It’s an adapted version of the grid that we used when we were working on Nelson a couple of years ago. I find it helpful in a few ways. It keeps all my pages at a consistent size, (important if you are making a book whose pages are all the same size) and it neatens up my layouts. When I come to draw the final pages, I use the same grid scaled up so my roughs shouldn’t be greatly different in layout to the final pages. For me it’s one less thing to worry about while trying to tell the story.

I’m pretty certain these are only really decipherable by me at the moment but I thought I’d post them up anyway.