This Saturday, I’ll be at Elcaf. If you come along, you’ll be able to buy the last few copies of After We Shot the Grizzly and Hey You! and I’ll also be selling copies of my new book ‘The Suitcase’ from Blank Slate Books. I’ll draw in the front of each and every one too. In case you don’t know anything about it, check out this ace review on The Beat. It tells you what you need to know without giving the whole game away. Swing by and say hello. I’ll be taking commissions throughout the day too. At the 2D Festival I drew all kinds superheroes doing out of character stuff, like spiderman playing double bass, the hulk playing a little ukelele and superman with a shotgun. Those were fun. Maybe you’d like a drawing like that? E Honda from the game streetfighter at an ATM? Dr Robotnik kicking out some sweet jams? Iron Man trying to open a jar? Who knows.

I’ll also have prints available including a few proofs of this brand new A3 ultra limited edition Jim Guthrie one;



Which is based on this video I made for him back in March. Watch it full screen in HD though, the way it was meant to be seen!