I’ve not posted much about this, but today I sent my new book Carry Me off to print.

Here’s what Great Beast say about it;

A beautiful, wordless, and incredibly affecting visual metaphor for love, fear, life and death. A man carries his infant daughter through an overgrown field where they are pursued relentlessly by a growling dog. Illustrated by Berry’s loose pen and lush colour washes, Carry Me is a sublime example of pure visual storytelling.

I’m very pleased with this story. It was a difficult one to draw because I did very little planning beyond an outline of the story and some rough thumbnails towards the end to make sure it’d end properly. I (perhaps stupidly) followed the themes of the book into the production of the book. I set myself the challenge of not editing, fixing or redrawing anything (apart from a couple of pages that my 2 year old son ‘coloured in’. He did a shoddy job of it and those pages and had to be re-drawn and coloured properly.) That aside, what you see in the final comic is pretty much what you can see in the sketchbook it was drawn in.

It’ll be available at the Thought Bubble Festival this year, and online and in shops soon.

Here’s a look at the cover;