It was a real privilege to be asked recently by Daniel Humphry (of OffLife Magazine fame) to illustrate a Michael Rosen poem for the National Union of Teachers magazine The Teacher.

Let me tell you, getting a good likeness of David Cameron was pretty tricky. I found it was all in the eyes, forehead and mouth. Put one line wrong and you’ve drawn George Osbourne instead. Political parties these days must choose their leaders based on how difficult they are to caricature. Give me a Thatcher, Blair or Major any day of the week. Never thought I’d say that. I drew pages and pages of ‘almost-Camerons’ in my sketchbook, falling deeper and deeper into despair until I started trying to draw ‘cute’ or ‘baby’ David Camerons teams myself, which surprisingly unlocked for me his characteristics. I’ll see if I can find those cutie Camerons and post them up. In the meantime;